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by First Metro Securities
Philippine Stock Market Weekly

The Stock Market in July: Wrapped Up


We all know the market significantly dropped the past month of July as the PSEi went down by 9.2% — the biggest monthly drop since March 2020. 

In the first week of July however, we actually went up because of improving macro data but this quickly reversed after Fitch Ratings downgraded the Philippine economy's outlook and the heightened local transmission of the Delta variant. 

With the significant amount of data and earnings releases, how can we recover in the month of August?

Join Host and Research Analyst, Royce Aguilar as we review what happened in the month of July, what we can anticipate in August, along with a special segment that determines who are expected to be added and removed in the next PSEi rebalancing. All of these and more in our podcast series. 



Episode 48

by First Metro Securities