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The Psychological Soul of Spirituality - Ralph Piedmont


Podcast: MindStew (LS 27 · TOP 10% what is this?)
Episode: The Psychological Soul of Spirituality - Ralph Piedmont
Pub date: 2021-07-19

My guest today is Professor Ralph Piedmont, Professor of Pastoral Counselling at Loyola University in Maryland and a past president of the APA's Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality.

In this conversation, we discuss the nature of spirituality as a personality trait (arguably the sixth personality trait!) that cuts across cultures and religions, it's relevance for clinical practice and wellbeing and the nature of the FFM domain of openness to experience and its maladaptive expressions.

Ralph is also co-author (with Teresa Wilkins) of the recently published book, Understanding the Psychological Soul of Spirituality.

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