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Travis Walton on Being Abducted, Alien Faces, and Being Inside a UFO


Podcast: Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal (LS 41 · TOP 1.5% what is this?)
Episode: Travis Walton on Being Abducted, Alien Faces, and Being Inside a UFO
Pub date: 2021-08-07

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THANK YOU: Thank you EndlessKettle (Ollie) for helping me with the questions

TIMESTAMPS: 00:00:00 Introduction 00:03:38 Why has Travis seen so many UFOs when most have seen none? 00:05:01 [Saqib Ali] Aspect about the incident that he doesn't like talking about 00:07:03 I-5 Sighting of a Pyramidal / Triangular UFO 00:08:39 Pregnant girlfriend alien experience -- no longer pregnant afterward. 00:11:43 Does Travis regret that the abduction occurred? 00:13:24 Travis done DMT? Psychedelics and his experience with aliens 00:14:41 Consciousness and telepathy 00:16:27 [jonny 80] Any new memories of advanced technology? 00:19:54 New details of a "screen" (with a drawing later) 00:22:47 [Steve Cambian] Roger Lier association 00:26:31 [Roger Mawby] Did the aliens have a face with a nose and mouth? 00:27:00 Did Travis watch The UFO Incident (Betty Hill case) prior to his case? 00:27:46 [Steve Cambian] Mike Rogers says it's a hoax 00:35:16 Who's the filmmaker against Travis? 00:40:11 [Archer, emissary of gorgonites] Skinny Bob 00:41:01 Smells inside the craft 00:41:45 [Jackson Vega] What do you think of Steven Greer? 00:42:10 [Paul Walsh] Who's credible in this UFO scene, and how to disembroil misinformation? 00:46:36 What aspects of the case can Travis NOT talk about it, and can he say why? 00:48:56 How has his experience affected his view on spirituality and religion? 00:50:08 How the entities looked humanoid and human (details) 00:55:12 [Paul Walsh] What would you say to the aliens if you could? 00:55:54 Most recent "paranormal"-esque event 01:00:41 [Tim] Ship controls aboard the craft, and how long the stay was 01:01:55 How did the steps outside the craft look? 01:03:16 [M P] South African children case and the environment 01:05:30 [John Doe] The eyes of the beings (greys and human-looking ones) 01:06:59 [Fox Indabush] Advice for others abductees or prospective abductees 01:08:25 People Travis has met who've had similar experiences 01:11:31 [6ixpool] What were the clothing made of? 01:15:14 Any abnormalities in the X-rays? Tracking device? 01:16:29 Tests done on Travis and bisynchronous brain waves 01:18:33 Travis draws the screen 01:19:46 Other patterns of experiences with aliens 01:26:50 Details of how the room looked spatially 01:29:21 [MJ] Before you die, will you be revealing more? 01:32:55 [Cloudyinseattle] CE5, communicating with aliens, and Travis' reticence 01:35:34 [Henry Baum] How do aliens feed themselves? 01:36:00 [David Reid] Are we ready fort he truth? 01:38:28 Material of the clothing of the aliens 01:39:56 [VoxVesper] Feeling of ecstasy? 01:40:54 [Randol] Were the aliens PART of the craft? 01:41:53 [Jason Brown] What else is physical evidence near the abduction site 01:43:54 [Dynomyte Bizquick] Was gravity different on the craft? 01:45:37 How did the aliens walk? 01:46:33 [Benito] Did they grab you to heal you? 01:47:24 How has this affected his view on death and God? 01:48:29 Kelley Waldrip's accusation that Travis is lying 01:54:21 [Eve Clancy] Have you been abducted more than once? 01:54:59 [Bilbo Baggins] The UAP disclosures, are they the same craft that you've seen 01:55:55 More about the noise of the craft 01:58:08 [John Doe] Coincident about making up a UFO story when younger 01:58:54 [Buck Fanx] Did the other beings communicate with one another 01:59:24 [Freedom Loving Fool] Could you tell if you were underwater or aerial 01:59:40 Freedom Fighter] UFO's as psy ops? Are they threats? 02:02:05 [Dynomyte Bizquick] Do popular alien depictions resemble what you've seen? 02:02:50 Testing his clothes (for radiation etc.) 02:03:21 [Stephon Exodus] Is he amazed that people still ask him about his abduction 02:04:48 [Steve Cambien] Did Roger Lier inspect Travis' pregnant girlfriend? 02:08:25 [Tim] Do you recall seeing signs / symbols

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