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Double Trouble Triple Drivel | Planet FPL S. 7 Ep. 36 | GW25 Review | Fantasy Premier League

James is joined by Clayton to discuss the weekend football in the Premier League and for those who went heavy on Double Gameweek players it's not been hugely successful so far with many blanking and even those who did return may now be injured and that could include one of the few players with a Double who did really well, substitute and returning talisman Mo Salah.
And so far it's disappointment for 1.3 million FPL managers who Triple Captained Erling Haaland who blanked despite having 9 shots in Manchester City's 1-1 draw with Chelsea. To and to the misery of some, popular players who may have been sacrificed for Doublers returned well including Bukayo Saka, Dominic Solanke and Ollie Watkins.
James explains what prompted his decision to buy Saka back for a successful -4 despite selling only last week and Clayton is now up into the top 30,000 after another successful weekend.
All 9 games covered including tactical notes from the 6 games the lads watched live, why 4 teams who won away this weekend may all be on radar heading into the forthcoming blank gameweek and lots more...
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Planet FPL - The Fantasy Football Podcast
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