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Our 2023 valentines

Planet Money
Planet Money
Every Valentine's Day, we at Planet Money consider the things that we love, the things that we can't stop talking about, the things that get our hearts racing...in a good way. And we give them valentines!

This year our valentines go out to:

ImportYeti, a website that lets you see exactly where U.S. companies are importing goods from.

Economic data revisions, those tweaks to the data that make things like the jobs numbers even more accurate.

The office (the place, not the show).

Audio description, narration designed to make TV and movies more accessible to people who are blind or low-vision, but which offers benefits to the sighted as well.

This show was produced by Emma Peaslee. It was edited by Keith Romer, and engineered by Robert Rodriguez. Jess Jiang is our acting Executive Producer.

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