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Planet Normal

End of the road for Rishi?

Planet Normal
Planet Normal

The political psychodrama rumbles on, but both our co-pilots think it's time for a curtain call on the leadership showdown. 

So will Rishi Sunak throw the towel in?

Co-pilot Halligan climbs aboard the rocket from his holiday to deliver some hard truths, warning the former chancellor to ‘bow out’ if he wants to save his future in politics. Liam argues the political class needs to turn its focus to the energy emergency, rather than infighting.

Fresh from declaring her allegiance to Liz Truss, co-pilot Pearson agrees that Rishi Sunak should step aside. She believes he is out of touch with the struggles most people face amidst the escalating cost of living crisis.

Also hopping aboard the capsule of common sense is Michael Jacobs, economist and former adviser to Gordon Brown. He tells our co-pilots the policies being put forward by the Tory leadership candidates are fiscally irresponsible, and suggests the Labour Party now appears to be more economically credible. 

And our co-pilots share their favourite moments from the roaring Lionesses' triumphant Euros victory.

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