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More flip-flops than a summer holiday


Telegraph columnists Liam Halligan and Allison Pearson are back with a bang from their holidays for another much needed trip to Planet Normal. 

This week Allison surprises Liam with her sudden reincarnation as a BMX expert, as both hosts celebrate the uplift in mood delivered by Team GB at the Olympic Games. Away from Tokyo, Allison adds the PM to her own 'Amber watchlist' after the government's flip flopping on travel policies, and Liam ruminates on a return of number 10 versus number 11 bickering this week. 

Also on the podcast Dr Charles Levinson, founder of private home visit doctor service 'Doctor Call' boards the rocket of right thinking to tell our co-pilots why he thinks the public health response to the pandemic has caused more harm than the virus itself.

Allison and Liam will be replying to comments beneath this article on Thursday 5th August 11am-12pm.

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