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Welcome to tax-and-spend Toryism


There’s a new tax in town and it’s got Allison rather confused. But not to worry - our resident economics guru, Liam Halligan has got his nerdiest hat on to break down the newly-announced health and social care levy. He tells listeners why the move is far from a long-term solution to the social care crisis, and reveals the real reason he believes Boris Johnson has hiked taxes to their highest level since the Second World War.  

This week's guest, touching down on the refuge of reasoned views, is NHS GP Renee Hoenderkamp. She tells our co-pilots why an unwarranted fear of catching coronavirus twice means too few GPs have returned to in-person care, why she just can't support Covid vaccinations for under 18s, and why on earth she chose to redo her A-Levels in her thirties.

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