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TGI - Episode 106 ("Boys II Mensa”)

Shawn may have finally found the spotlight, but Will reveals why it’s so hard to watch himself on screen and Danielle explains her issues with acting in a jacket. Which only begs the question…”Holk-um?”

There’s plenty of BTS talk from Cory pretending to be smart and the actors not being able to call in sick even when they really were. And the gang notices a joke that went over their heads all these years until they finally noticed it in the rewatch! You’ll need to listen to find out what it was and if you missed it too…

Plus, Danielle reveals the wrath of her mother when she got caught smoking on the studio lot at 15. You’ll have a lot of free time since you’re grounded and not going to the school dance - so listen to this week’s exploration NOW!

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