Episode 3 — Trouble with usage based billing, the CRTC and the Internet


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Episode 3


  • We discuss usage-based billing and the CRTC decision that affects smaller Canadian ISPs and the way Canadians consume media online.
  • Should the Internet be a universal human right?


Pierre Hamilton


Matt Frehner, Mobile Editor at The Globe & Mail (@mattfrehner)

Justin Tripp, Graphic Designer specializing in motion graphics

Georges Gabereau, Freelance Web Developer (Facebook)

Required Reading:

  • Michael Geist unpacks the issue of usage-based billing, here.
  • Ars Technica looks at how UBB would affect independent ISP such as Teksavvy, here.
  • Bell says caps are OK for most of its customers, here.
  • Rogers says its customers are unaffected by CRTC decision, here.
  • Federal government to review CRTC decision, here.
  • Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, here.

(In my opinion, the Globe and Mail — of the traditional Canadian media — covered this story the best.) EMAIL ME AT > pierre.hamilton@gmail.com

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