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by Steven Edward Goff
Political Thoughts with Steve🇺🇸

S3:E9 The Abortion Episode


On this week's episode, Steve shines the spotlight on Indiana Mayor and 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg and his rise in Democratic politics. Our main episode topic revolves around the issue of Abortion. With the passage of Alabama's controversial Anti-Abortion law, Steve gives his true opinions on this law and how we all need to be advocates for Women's healthcare and reproductive rights. Steve also educates our listeners on the Electoral College and raises the question if we should abolish it and on Final Thoughts With Steve, Steve talks about the importance of Memorial Day and why we need to pay tribute to our brave men and women that lost their lives while serving in the United States Military! All this and more on this week's episode of Political Thoughts With Steve!

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Episode 9

by Steven Edward Goff