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Pop: The History Makers with Steve Blame

Pop: The History Makers with Steve Blame

Pop: The History Makers with Steve Blame

About Pop: The History Makers with Steve Blame

Each Week - Pop: The History Makers presents a new DEEP DIVE one-hour interview with an icon of popular culture.

If you prefer watching the interviews - go to my YouTube podcast channel -https://www.youtube.com/@popthehistorymakers

Online - Per Martinsen - Norwegian's Electronic Godfather!UPDATE and DEEP DIVE interviews include:Raz Lindvall (formerly Rob 'n' Raz), Louis C. Oberländer (Jeremy Days), Justin Currie (Del Amitri), Fish (Update interview) Phillip Boa, Toyah, Anne Clark (the poet who continually reinvents herself), Belouis Some (80s hitmaker back in the dance charts), Papa Dee (Swedish Rapper/Toaster/Pop musician) Carl Magnus Palm (ABBA historian), Suzi Quatro (70s Rocker who broke the glass ceiling for female musicians)DEEP DIVE interviews include:Larry Flick (Legendary music journalist), Alanas Chosnau (Lithuanian singer), Elizabeth Thomson (Author of Joan Baez - The Last Leaf), Sleaford Mods (electronic punk poets), BISHI (Electro Sitarist), Mike Evans - author - of the Who - Much Too Much, Tony Swain (80s hit producer), Lanah P (LGBT pioneer), David McAlmont (Vocalist, Essayist, Historian).Previous Series include:Radiohead - Life in a Glasshouse by John Aizlewood. The Velvet Underground by Chris Roberts. Sex Pistols - I Wanna Be Me by Dave Simpson. Joy Division + New Order by John Aizlewood. Lady Gaga - Applause by Annie Zaleski. ABBA at 50 - by Carl Magnus Palm. Previous Series include; P.P. Arnold, Marcella Detroit, Steve Lipson, Chris Huelsbeck, Kevin Hegge, Dieter Meier, Sue Tilley, Stefan Holm Mardo, Rusty Egan, Suzi Quatro, Hifi Sean, Man Parrish, D:Ream, Dave Dorrell (M/A/R/R/S), Papa Dee, Madeline Bell (Blue Mink), Simon Napier-Bell (documentary maker & former Wham! manager), Steve Kilbey (The Church), Jonas Åkerlund, Steve Barron, Jimmy Helms (Londonbeat), Belouis Some, Mousse T., Wolfgang Flür, Billie Ray Martin, Belouis Some, Mark Reeder, Marcus Vere (Living in a Box), Raz (of Rob n Raz), Ulf (Ace of Base), Marian Gold (Alphaville), Louis Oberlander, Dr. Alban, and Youth (Killing Joke). Fish (ex-Marillion), Leee John (Imagination), Durga McBroom (Blue Pearl), Martyn Ware (Heaven 17), Kevin Godley (10cc, Godley & Creme), Michael Münzing (Snap!), Alexander Bard (Army of Lovers), Sam Brown, John Watts, Anne Clark, Right Said Fred, Justin Currie (Del Amitri), WestBam.Mini-Memories. Short personal interview memories of; Whitney Houston, Madonna, Kurt Cobain, Al Green, Elton John, Milli Vanilli, Dave Gahan, Stevie Wonder, Lenny Kravitz, Kylie Minogue ... (ongoing)


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