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by Kevin Tucker
Primal Anarchy Podcast

Primal Anarchy Podcast Episode 23: Ruins and Remains


Primal Anarchy Podcast Episode 23: Ruins and RemainsDecember 6, 2019

House cleaning: listener feedback. Talking about the trouble with words and particularly problematic ones: community can be iffy, but tribes is a no go. Book clubs and online courses? Feed us your feedback and ideas. Field trip report back: Cahokia. Natasha and Kevin check in on their on going ruins tour with Cahokia, the Mississippian civilization that collapsed around 1250 AD. Talking about ruins and the final days before collapse, then discussing the nature of collapse in general. Kickstarter campaign: talking a bit about our two upcoming books; Origins - A John Zerzan Primer and Natasha’s Rites of Passage. Reading a bit from the intro of Origins and then Natasha talks poetry and reads a couple pieces from Rites. Discussing the remains of the wild on display in museums and the pathology of treating corpses like trophies, displayed unceremoniously. B&Gs books for closing out 2019, supporting our work and why.


Episode 23

by Kevin Tucker