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Programming Throwdown

137: The Origins of the Internet with John Day

00:01:01 Introduction

00:01:28 COVID and the challenge of teaching

00:04:11 John’s academic and career path

00:08:14 LSI technology

00:12:13 Collaborative software development in the day

00:15:24 ARPANET’s early use

00:20:08 Atom bomb and weather simulations

00:26:55 The message-switching network

00:34:57 Pouzin

00:38:00 Every register had a purpose

00:45:15 The Air Force in 1972

00:52:10 Low memory

00:59:14 Early problems with TCP

01:11:51 The separation of mechanism and policy

01:23:25 Farewells

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Professor John D. Day:

Pouzin Society:

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