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by pspoets

Learning About Poetic Forms


Chase and Sergio are back again for another podcast episode about poetic forms and what you can do to improve your knowledge of poetry. 

More often than not, writers just sit down and regurgitate ideas onto the page. However, if you can learn about the historic forms of poetry and know how to write different versions; sonnets, villanelles, prose poems, stanzas, ballads, etc.; you then learn how to adapt your poetic sensibilities into a well-tuned craft, rather than a hobby or daily journal entry. 

Great poetry requires patience and dedication to writing, and pspoets is here to offer some insight about what you can do to enlighten your skills with intention and purpose. 

That said, you can also learn more about pspoets at pspoets.com or follow us on IG: @pspoets

Thanks again for listening! 


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Episode 4

Season 2

by pspoets