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Pursuit of Wellness

KK Fit Twins On Their Mental Health Transformation, From Extreme Dieting to Intuitive Eating, Binge Eating Struggles, Finding Self Love & Redefining Fitness

Pursuit of Wellness
Pursuit of Wellness
Ep. #43
Meet Kathryn and Kendra, better known as the KK Fit Twins. From cardio bunnies to heavy lifters, their journey is nothing short of inspiring. This episode explores their transition from a hardcore bodybuilding lifestyle to a more holistic, wellness-focused approach. We trace their steps from wanting to look the part, to cultivating a genuine passion for health and wellness.

We take a leap into the deep end discussing mental health, a topic often neglected within the fitness industry, especially for public figures. Can you imagine the pressure of maintaining a certain body type while grappling with an internal identity crisis? Kathryn and Kendra open up about how they dealt with these challenges, applauding each other’s willingness to evolve and be vulnerable. 

Finally, the KK Fit Twins share their personal struggles, the unique pressures of twin fitness, and how their upbringing influenced their previous extreme bodybuilding approach. We also examine how their view on health and fitness has evolved, the obstacles faced, and the powerful lessons learned. Let's delve into the enlightening conversation that marks a significant shift from the traditional fitness narrative to a more wholesome perspective.

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Pursuit of Wellness
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