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Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022

Episode 10 | Amal Mohammad & Hajar Saleh | Women Coaches and Referees in Qatar | April 2021


This episode is about how women in Qatar are increasingly entering sports that were male-dominated in the past. It features football coach Hajar Nader and basketball referee Amal Mohamed Saleh.

Hajar Saleh has been a national football team player since she was 11 years old, and has C and D licenses in coaching. She is an ambassador for Qatar's delivery amazing. In addition, she is a divemaster in scuba diving, a free diver, a hiker and climber, and has a boat license. She believes that sports bring people together and always build strong communities.

Amal is a graduate student in the Masters of Sport and Entertainment Management program at Hamad Bin Khalifa University. She graduated from Qatar University with a Bachelor of Science in Sport Science in 2017 and also has an Associate of Science in Nursing. Amal is a FIBA (Federation of International Basketball) licensed referee and has played for the National Basketball team in Qatar.


Episode 10

by CIRS Research