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Quickly Kevin; will he score? The 90s Football Show

S10 EP1: Bryan Robson


QKWHS - S10 EP1: Bryan Robson

We. Are. Back. 

And what a bloody delight it is to return for QK series TEN!!!!

We've got a brilliant guest to kick things off, a true legend and titan of the football world from the 70's, 80's, and 90's (and beyond) It was our absolute pleasure to welcome to Quickly Kevin, Captain Marvel himself - Mr Bryan Robson. 

We chat West Brom, Manchester United, Big Ron and Fergie, his time with England as both player and coach, Middlesbrough - just how did he sign Juninho, Emerson, and Ravanelli? 

And of course the one question we've been wanting to find out the answer to for decades... just whose idea was it and why did he agree to the infamous 'business on top, baller down below'  half and half picture when he signed as player-manager for Middlesbrough? 

If you haven't already, do check out the excellent documentary 'Robbo: The Bryan Robson Story' which is available now. 

We've also got all the usual electronic postbag and 90's O Clock News fun and games - keep them coming at:  hello@quicklykevin.com  

In other news, on top of extended 'director of football cuts' of the main series episodes, all QK Fan Club members will now also get the episodes a whole WEEK EARLY - that's right, we now release on a Monday for you legends and the following Monday for the non fan club listeners!

We've also got the usual Patreon only bonus episodes every month - later this month it's chapter two of the second book in the Steve Bruce / Barnes murder mystery 'Sweeper!' with Ivo Graham. But before that we've got a nostalgic look back at the icons that were Saint & Greavsie with a special episode dedicated to their unique brand of broadcasting. 

And finally, thanks for all your continued support with the QK fan club, we're eternally grateful for it, and to you for helping us to make more and more QK episodes each season - we quite literally couldn't do it without you. 


Chris, Josh and Michael.

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