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by Sam Gasch & Rachel Bieber
Rachel & Sam Read a Story

CROSSOVER - Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus


Episode #150


That means it's our 150th episode. And sure, with lost episodes, and bonus episodes, we may have hit this a couple weeks ago, but this is the podcast with the NUMBER 150!!!

So we had to do something special! We were joined by special guests from across the Nerdist School Network: Mike Sellari (no twitter), Chris Lord (@Lordopher), and Ryan Mogge (@rmogge)!!

And we had a BLAST!!

Super fun hanging out with all these cool people talking about a kinda adorable book. We learned a valuable lesson about whether or not to let birds operate heavy machinery, and had a great time while doing it.

So if you enjoy this episode, you should give each of THEIR podcasts a listen! We promise that they are all amazing! Mike has the This on That podcast, Chris does the Timm Talk Podcast (which I was just a guest on), and Ryan has the Nerdist School classic HELLMOUTHY!!

So check that out and we'll see you at number 200!

Rachel & Sam Read a Story is about the fun of reading children's books new and old, and also about how little sense these books make when you read them 20 years later. We read the books aloud and make fun of them as we go. Enjoy!

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by Sam Gasch & Rachel Bieber