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by Sam Gasch & Rachel Bieber
Rachel & Sam Read a Story

Leave Me Alone!


Rachel, if you did not already know this, is a fan of yarn. Like, a pretty big fan. The number 1 fan? Maybe not, but she's up there.

So when she saw on the shelves a book about someone who just wanted to be left alone so that they could knit. SOLD. Easy.

So we sat down today and chatted about movies we've been watching/being made to watch and then got into the main event.

This old lady just HAD to get some knitting done and she moved HEAVEN AND EARTH to do it! I mean, I'm pretty sure she's a time-lord, but... well you just listen and figure it out for yourselves!

Rachel & Sam Read a Story is about the fun of reading children's books new and old, and also about how little sense these books make when you read them 20 years later. We read the books aloud and make fun of them as we go. Enjoy!

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by Sam Gasch & Rachel Bieber