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by Sam Gasch & Rachel Bieber
Rachel & Sam Read a Story

Ninja! Attack of the Clan


It ain't easy bein' a ninja. Especially when your family is, like, SUPER busy.

But sometimes you have the best family.

Ninja! is a fun little story about Maxwell, who is a self-made ninja which is REALLY hard to do, must take on the greatest foe he's ever faced.... a 5-year-old girl.


But luckily, Maxwell has what it takes. And aside from the waste of what looked like a really delicious meal, this little book is sweet and adorable. So check it out!

Rachel & Sam Read a Story is about the fun of reading children's books new and old, and also about how little sense these books make when you read them 20 years later. We read the books aloud and make fun of them as we go. Enjoy!

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by Sam Gasch & Rachel Bieber