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by Sam Gasch & Rachel Bieber
Rachel & Sam Read a Story

Nobody Likes a Goblin


Now, I don't know about you, but I play D&D. (I mean, I actually prefer the Savage Worlds play style, since it relies more on creativity and less on dice rolls, but since all I can get is D&D at the moment, it's fine.) And like anyone else who's played D&D, I have raided my share of dungeons and killed my share of Goblins.

But what about those Goblins? What about those Dungeons? Don't they have feelings too?


And also they are adorable.

Rachel & Sam Read a Story is about the fun of reading children's books new and old, and also about how little sense these books make when you read them 20 years later. We read the books aloud and make fun of them as we go. Enjoy!

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by Sam Gasch & Rachel Bieber