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by Sam Gasch & Rachel Bieber
Rachel & Sam Read a Story

The Magic Word


Joined once again by our guest Bridget Renshaw (@BridgetRenshaw), we read a story about a child who ASCENDS past the mere limits of his own fragile child-self and becomes a GOD!!

At least, that's my theory. See, this kid discovers the Word. The true Word. The Magic Word.

And by the power of Grayskull, he uses it. He uses it to the MAX.

And just getting an amazing supply of sneakers isn't enough. He also commands an unholy army of walruses. FEAR AND WORSHIP PEYTON FOR HE IS YOUR NEW LORD AND MASTER!!

Rachel & Sam Read a Story is about the fun of reading children's books new and old, and also about how little sense these books make when you read them 20 years later. We read the books aloud and make fun of them as we go. Enjoy!

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by Sam Gasch & Rachel Bieber