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by Ram Dass / Love Serve Remember
Ram Dass Here And Now

Ep. 179 – Astral Planes, Time, Paradox, and Freedom


Mapping the physical, causal, and astral planes of existence, Ram Dass reconciles time within the paradox of ‘being here now,’ inviting us into the freedom of limitless awareness.

Illuminating the interconnected nature of the various planes of existence we inhabit throughout our journey of awakening, Ram Dass draws a roadmap of consciousness through responding to a well-structured, organic build of audience questions. Contemplating the notion of time in relation to his famous statement and book, ‘Be Here Now,’ Ram Dass shares Maharajji stories to tie together paradox, welcoming us into the freedom of living within the illusion, but without being caught by it.


Episode 179

by Ram Dass / Love Serve Remember