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by Jessi, Giana & Lindsay
Real Girl Series

Kayla Clements - Caring for Ourselves and for Mother Earth


Earth lover and founder of Luna Volta, Kayla Clements, shares the story of how a cross-country road trip through the U.S. national parks inspired the birth of her beautiful business that supports caring for ourselves and for mother earth. We love Kayla’s perspective on how transformation is all about the small things we do to reconnect to our inner child and to never forget to have fun. We are again reinvigorated to make time for play! There seems to be a theme here, friends...and we’re listening.

Topics We Discuss: 

  • Sustainability & Regeneration
  • Self-care
  • Entrepreneurship

In the Episode, We Learn:

  • What led her to take a cross-country trip in a van to visit 12 US national parks.
  • Her favorite experiences she had at different parks across the country.
  • What a star party is.
  • What inspired her earth-conscious company, Luna Volta.
  • About cannabis science and how it can help you destress.
  • The importance of regenerative practices in getting the planet back to a place we want to sustain.
  • The importance of biodiversity in soil and how to optimize the Earth’s soil.
  • How planting hemp can actually clean up toxins in soil.
  • About Endocannabinoids and the body.
  • Her favorite self-care and meditations practices.




Episode 48

by Jessi, Giana & Lindsay