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by Sabrina Perozzo
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Adults Shouldn't Throw Tantrums - Managing Your Emotions


We have all had an adult temper tantrum. We have all had a reaction that was a little bigger than the situation called for. And we have all been really upset & decided to say something we may have regretted. This is why I think it would be helpful to talk about how to identify these behaviors & overcome these types of reactions.

Show Notes:

  • Even if you’re not a parent, you still know what a temper tantrum looks like. It’s the kicking, the yelling, the screaming & the constant acknowledgment & feeling of not getting your way. And unfortunately, this isn’t something that a lot of people leave behind in their childhoods.
  • Adults still have tantrums every now & then. Some more than others. But this is something we can nip in the bud, if we are aware of what actions would represent a tantrum. We are going to discuss some behaviors to be aware of so you can identify if you have behaviors that qualify as a tantrum or maybe in someone else. And then some quick solutions for moving aware from this way of expressing strong feelings.
  • And it’s important to know that adult tantrums can stem back to not learning how to control & handle your emotions as a child. This is generally something you learn & understand from your parents or whomever your caregiver was, but it doesn’t always happen. If you don’t see socially appropriate behaviors to express anger, frustration or disappointment modeled for you, it can be tough to learn what to do as you grow & learn in life.
  • For me, I learned how to handle my emotions in a negative way, but opposite of a tantrum. It just wasn’t acknowledged. So you can see how the spectrum can go both ways & obviously, you want to land somewhere in the middle. You want to be able to manage how you’re feeling & have appropriate ways to cope, understand & move forward.
  • Today I want to share some behaviors to be aware of when it comes to identifying adult tantrums and then give some quick tips to overcome expressing your emotions this way:
  • 1. Cursing people out, name-calling & yelling over people to be heard.
  • 2. Increased agitation & irritation.
  • 3. Storming off, shutting down & explosive reactions.
  • Now let’s chat about what can be done to cope with these behaviors & moving away from dealing with your emotions this way:
  • 1. Identify your triggers. (notice if something is constantly causing you to react in a certain way)
  • 2. Learn how to communicate better.
  • 3. Find better coping mechanisms.

Thank you again for listening & I hope this episode was helpful.

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Episode 296

by Sabrina Perozzo