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by Sabrina Perozzo
RealPositiveGirl - Weekly Encouragement & Mental Health

Quick Tips for Little Bursts of Happiness! - Be Happy Whenever You Want!


We can choose when we want to be happy. We don't have to leave it up to someone else to decide. We are the only ones in charge of making this decision. But if you are having trouble making that decision, I have some ideas for you on how to get happy really quickly!

Show Notes:

  • Life can be really hard, right? It can be tough, but despite what you’re going through, it’s important to recognize that there are so many things to be grateful for & blessings that abound in our lives. But something else to remember is that our happiness is in our control. We get to decide if we are happy or not. It’s just that plain & simple.
  • A lot of times we will blame our lack of happiness on someone else because it’s easier & we don’t understand that we need to own our emotions. I mean, we can decide to not own of emotions, but it doesn’t make them any less ours or our responsibility.
  • But I think it’s so great that we are in charge of how we feel because it means we are in control. We get to decide how we feel & how we go about our life. We don’t have to deal with getting that directive from anyone else or even believe someone when they try to convince us we need them to be happy or content or fulfilled. That’s just a bunch of lies.
  • So today I wanted to share with you some quick ways you can achieve happiness all on your own, if you’re feeling down & need ideas on a pick-me-up:
  • 1. Give Someone Else A Compliment. Showing kindness to others can really help us show kindness to ourselves & product happiness.
  • 2. Call A Friend & Chat. You know, talk on the telephone. Haha!
  • 3. Listen to an Encouraging or Funny Podcast.
  • 4. Find Some Really Good Music to Listen to. Even if it's 90's Pop or the soundtrack to Hamilton!
  • 5. Clean Up A Space Around You. They say the spaces around you are a representation of your mind.
  • 6. Pet an Animal or Look at Pictures of Cute Animals. This tip will never let you down.
  • 7. Put Together a Puzzle/Build With Legos/Color in a Coloring Book.
  • 8. Live More In the Moment. Stop worrying so much about what happened in the past & what's going to happen in the future. It's not worth the greif.

Thank you again for listening & I hope this episode was helpful.

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Episode 307

by Sabrina Perozzo