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by Sabrina Perozzo
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Things That Are Getting Better In Your Life - Proof Of Growth!


We spend so much time obsessing over the negative experiences in our lives, which leads us to forget to celebrate our wins & how well we are growing & learning to become our best selves. Let's chat about some things in our lives that mean we are growing & becoming even more awesome!

Show Notes:

  • We go through so many things in life & tend to focus really hard on the negative things that have happened because it’s so easy to nitpick what isn’t going well. But I believe that we need to really boost up & celebrate what is going good & the improvements we are making in our life.
  • This is a mindset that I have started practicing more & more because only thinking about the hard things has really brought my mood down most of the time. It’s great to spend time thinking about what difficult experiences we have been through & figure out what we can learn from those things, but it can be overwhelming to do this all the time, without balancing out celebrating & being happy about the good things & the habits & situations that are getting better in our lives. We need to have that balance.
  • And sometimes we get all caught up in thinking we can’t celebrate ourselves because it’s not right or it could be seen as bragging or we weren’t taught that we could be proud of ourselves, but we need to. I’m here to tell you that we can’t wait for someone else to celebrate us or until we get permission from someone else. We need to just do it when we need to do it. We need to stop focusing on all these made-up rules & thinking we need other people to ok our decisions. Especially when it comes to how we feel about ourselves.
  • So let’s chat about some things in our lives that can show us our lives are getting better & we are becoming our best selves:
  • 1. You’re less critical of yourself & others.
  • 2. You ask for what you want.
  • 3. You’ve improved your listening skills. Listen to understand, not respond.
  • 4. You don’t get caught up in drama as easily.
  • 5. You don’t hold grudges & forgive easier.

Thank you again for listening & I hope this episode was helpful.

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Episode 306

by Sabrina Perozzo