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by Sabrina Perozzo
RealPositiveGirl - Weekly Encouragement & Mental Health

Why You Should Love Your Body - Acceptance & Gratitude for Yourself


Body positivity was never a platform I stood very firm on, but it's something I have decided to adopt this year because I want to grow my self-esteem & be a good role model for my kiddo.

Show Notes:

  • I’ve never been that person that was all about body positivity. I have never been that person to flaunt what I got & be proud of what I look like, especially when I had gained weight or when I initially went through discovering I had an autoimmune disease. And for sure wasn’t that person on social media talking about it in the least, until this year.
  • This year, 2021, is the year I decided I need to jump on this train because I have FINALLY come to peace with my body. I decided to love it.
  • And I’m sure I’m not alone in having took forever to come to this realization. There are tons of people out there that struggle with accepting their bodies & loving the skin they are in, so I know I’m not alone.
  • But it is an important mindset to have because it’s only you that can love your body enough & in the right way. You can have all the love, care, appreciation & worship of your body from some many other people, but that’s not going to matter as much as your love & your appreciation & your true acceptance of what you look & feel like.
  • And some of the reasons why I decided to adopt this mentality will also be a few of the reasons I share with you today of why you should love your body. But one that isn’t in that list that has caused me to make this decision is because I want to be a good role model for my daughter. I want my daughter to look at her body & love it & know it’s acceptable, no matter what size it is. And we have balanced this by talking about making sure we are doing what is best for us to be healthy, but also knowing our bodies will change over time & we need to flex & grow with those changes, as well.
  • There are no perfect bodies. Even the ones with the least amount of body fat & million pack abs. Because even those bodies still cost you something else. The more you focus on trying to shape your body into the most perfect thing, the things you are giving up to hyper focus on that.
  • Let’s chat about some reasons we should love our bodies more:
  • 1. It’s yours & it’s unique.
  • 2. Your life won’t change that much if your body is different.
  • 3. Someone else would kill for your body.
  • 4. Life is short & you should live in the moment.
  • 5. It keeps you alive.
  • 6. Your body shouldn’t limit your mind.

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Episode 299

by Sabrina Perozzo