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Recovery Speakers Podcast

Welcome to the Recovery Speakers Podcast - Episode 1 - 10/15/2019


This is the very first podcast presented by Recoveryspeakers.com. In this episode, we discuss the history of Recovery Speakers followed by a clip of AA Co-Founder Bill Wilson speaking about meeting Dr. Tom from North Carolina. Dr. Tom is well known as being an opiate addict that achieved sobriety in the 1940s at the "Narcotics Farm" in Lexington, Kentucky. Dr. Tom later returned home to Shelby, North Carolina to form an AA group. Bill was moved by Dr. Tom's demeanor and says: “I wondered myself, If dope had a humbling effect if so, I think some of us alcoholics should’ve taken more of it.” Enjoy! Remember to subscribe to our channel as we will be sharing so much more great content!


Episode 1

by RecoverySpeakers.com