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by Tim Vanderpyl & Luke Gass
Recruitment Now

Jeffrey Fischer - Recruiting Tradespeople in the Oil/Gas Sector


Jeffrey Fischer joins Tim and Luke to discuss the nuances of recruiting people into trades roles, specifically in the oil/gas sector. Jeffrey Fischer is a recruiter at Roevin, where he recruits people into roles in the Oil and Gas industry, for both owner/operator and Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) companies. His interests include recruitment best practices, bridging the academia-industry gap, HR business trends and analytics, and providing students and job seekers with the best possible information to find meaningful employment.  Prior to Jeffrey’s time in HR, he pursued a career as a biochemist, performing research on diverse topics such as protein biochemistry, antibiotic research, synthetic biology, neutraceuticals, plant-made pharmaceuticals, breast cancer, agricultural biotechnology, and phytoremediation.


Episode 9

by Tim Vanderpyl & Luke Gass