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by Tim Vanderpyl & Luke Gass
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Victoria Smith - Stress Reduction Strategies for Recruiters


Today on the podcast we are joined by Stress Reduction Coach, Victoria Smith. After contracting shingles twice before the age of thirty, Victoria realized she needed to recalibrate her relationship to stress. Following her own wellness journey, Victoria now supports others to reduce their stress so that they can better enjoy and perform in their daily lives. She is the founder of Stress Less Ladies, a podcaster at Girl Tries Life and runs corporate workshops to help teams become more resilient.

Note that we recorded this episode in February 2020, before COVID-19 became a worldwide pandemic. We do not specifically talk about the pandemic in this episode but do believe Victoria's ideas to reduce stress are more pertinent now than we ever envisioned. We hope our listeners find her ideas useful in this stressful time.

We start our conversation by discussing how Victoria got into stress reduction work. We then go on to discuss:

  • The stressors inherent in recruiting
  • Internal versus external factors in your environment
  • Quick strategies to take control of your relationship to stress
  • Value-added and value-detracting work
  • The importance of micro moments in your life

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Episode 17

by Tim Vanderpyl & Luke Gass