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by Jess & Kristen

Extraordinary Women Doing Incredible Things


Welcome back to ReDIScover! It’s a brand new month, and we’re bringing in a brand new theme that we’re SO excited to talk about. All November long, we’re navigating the new normal of our world as it relates to our journey as women creating the lives we dream of living. We’ll have special guests on the pod to share their stories, perspectives, and advice, but today we’re unpacking what it means to us to build a life that reflects and aligns with our values and mindsets.

As a society, we’re moving away from conventional timelines and workplace dynamics. In 2021, “success” means something different to everybody, and we want to talk about why it’s so important to have these conversations and engage in those spaces where we challenge the projected beliefs of our culture.

We’ll discuss our own experiences, the challenges we’ve met along the way, the difference between talking and doing, and the women who have and continue to inspire us.

No matter your gender, age, or life path, we hope you’ll find this conversation entertaining and instructive, and we hope it serves as a source of encouragement as you author your own story. Enjoy!

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  • Untamed by Glennon Doyle

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Episode 54

Season 2

by Jess & Kristen