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by Jess & Kristen

Let's Talk About Living Abroad feat. Steven Daniel


Before the departure of ReDIScover's Travel Month, we wanted to have a conversation with someone who really embodies a world traveler's spirit, and that person is Steven Daniel!

Steven is a fellow Disney lover and traveler, whose passions propelled him so far that he had the opportunity to take a position at Disney English in Nanjing, China. With little to no knowledge of what the city of Nanjing had in store, Steven dove in headfirst to a two-year adventure as an expat in China and learned so many incredible things along the way.

For those who have contemplated living abroad, this is truly the episode for you! It is full of resources and perspectives of someone who has actually done it. We asked Steven how to handle international logistics, how to adapt to new cultures and environments, how to make friends while living in a completely new country, what types of challenges may come up, and the best tips that he accumulated along the way.

You may already know Steven as Jess' boyfriend, so we are really excited to welcome him to his ReDIScover debut and introduce him in an episode about a topic that is really close to his heart.

So, grab your passport and a beer, and let's chat about all things Living Abroad!

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Episode 49

Season 2

by Jess & Kristen