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by Jessica Levity

Episode 10: Ragamuffin Polyamory


In this episode of Remodeled, The Daylovers take you inside their hearts, to the depths of their total mystical weirdness, to answer a listener's email asking them to describe the role their spirituality plays in their polyamory. The episode starts with a chronological telling of how each of them came to have the beliefs they currently have -- a unique synthesis of their mutual passion for world religions, philosophies, and mystic traditions. Jes completely nerds out on her profound love of Spinozian metaphysics, shadow work, psychedelic drugs, The 12 Step Program, witchy folklore, and even Christ. Joe recounts his journey beginning as an east coast Catholic boy, to a bitter skeptic, to a lover of The Tao, to now a gooey place that sees God as All. In Part 2 of the episode, The Daylovers tie it all together by describing the exact nature their personal faith plays in their pursuit of many loves.


You can submit questions you may have about Jes and Joe, polyamory in general, or a specific situation you're navigating by emailing remodeledlove@gmail.com, or submit the anonymous form at www.homesliceproductions.com/remodeled. Answers, as always, will be honest and likely brutal, depending on what you’re ready to hear.

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Episode 10

by Jessica Levity