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by Jessica Levity

Episode 12: The Sacred Home Birth of Lucius Sol Daylover


In the Season 1 Finale of “Remodeled”, The Daylovers sit down with the Godfather of their children, Christopher Daniels (aka “Titi”), to share the sacred birth story of Lucius Sol Daylover. The mission of Remodeled is to Redefine Family and Redefine Love, and the reverent home birth of their sweet LSD did just that. Can you imagine a more perfect way to end our first season?

The telling of birth stories, if you’ve never read or heard one, is an extremely powerful genre of storytelling. Not only does it capture forever the details for the family, but it can open up something for the listener, too. From a semiological standpoint, expanding your consciousness around the truth and power of home birth is as important as expanding your consciousness around the truth and power of polyamory, and other lesser known relationship models . Sure, neither are designed for everyone, but it’s important that everyone have the wisdom so that the script exists for the culture at large. This is how we build an inclusive world that works for every body.

The system has taken and hidden so many things from us, the power of birth being one of them. Hearing stories of successful, healthy polyamorous relationships, as well as successful, healthy home births, gives all of us permission to take our power back. We all have a right to live and birth the way WE are called to, whether that breaks tradition, sticks with tradition, or redefines tradition all together.

[Trigger Warning for this episode: mentions of birth trauma & obstetric violence. If you or someone you know had a traumatic birth experience, please consider a Birth Processing session. Jessica recommends www.sacredbirthspace.com/birth-processing and www.threefeathersholistic.com.]


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Episode 12

by Jessica Levity