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by Jessica Levity

S2E3: Purity to Polyamory


~ From Purity Rings to Non-Monogamous Things ~

In this episode, The Daylovers chat with their first special guest of the season, Instagram's @PurityToPolyamory. In part 1, she shares what lead her to starting her Instagram account, and her reaction to its quick success. She mentions that "exvangelical" and "deconstruction" circles are on the rise right now, and delves into the parallels within her journey between the deconstruction of her faith and her realization that she is polyamorous. @PurityToPolyamory also gets into the toxic elements of purity culture, the damage it does on young individuals, and how she's having to unpack all of those pieces now as an adult stepping into the fullness of her sexuality.

In part 2 she shares the twisty-turny story of how she discovered her own polyamorous nature with her husband, whom she's been with since she was 16, as well as the unexpected-but-profound shift that's occurred in the last few weeks. They end the episode with her goals for the future, which you can follow along on both Twitter and Instagram: @PurityToPolyamory.


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Episode 3

by Jessica Levity