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Richard Syrett's Strange Planet

1031 Super Soldier Colonel Randy Cramer's Off-World Adventures

Episode #1031 Super Soldier Colonel Randy Cramer's Off-World Adventures
Richard welcomes a former super soldier who served in the covert military space program arm of the U.S. marine corp. He discusses how he regained his memory of his off-world activities through meditation, self mastery and psionics.

GUEST: Col Randy Cramer is the public relations officer and spokesperson for the command staff of USMCss, the covert space program arm of the marine corps. Col. Cramer has spent 30 years on off world assignments and the occasional diplomatic mission. He spent his first 17 years in the MDF on the red planet, then he was offered a commission and the opportunity to attend flight school, which he eagerly accepted. He then spent three years aboard the EDFss Nautilus with the prime mission of patrolling the solar system. He then spent two years stationed on the off world of Sonora, assisting the Sonoran’s with an invading hostile neighbor, for which his accomplishments earned him the promotion to Major. He was then stationed aboard the EDFss Farragut. Later in his career he was given a field promotion to full Colonel to finish the mission and lead his team to success.
After his 30-year tour of duty, he returned to civilian life for the next big challenge of mastering his own brain through a dedicated practice of meditation to break through the memory repression process. Over time, creating a tested protocol to assist others in the process of memory retrieval. After achieving total recall his brigadier general reached out to him to ask him to take on the challenge of being the new USMCss public relations officer, which he accepted with some reservations.
Over time, it became abundantly clear that teaching civilians psionic self-mastery via the same methods taught to USMCss psionic specialists, the USMCss Psionics Manual. Teaching in person classes for many years before finally launching online courses. A platform that serves hundreds of students in the effort to master their own brains and minds with true scientific method and technique to develop psionic skills.

Colonel Randy Cramer will be speaking at the Contact and Disclosure Symposium 2024 in Toronto on April 20th. For More information and Tickets visit


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