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Rick Wilson's The Enemies List

Another Sham Impeachment

Rick Wilson's The Enemies List
Rick Wilson's The Enemies List
Here we go again! This week on The Enemies List, Rick is joined by law professor and impeachment expert Michael Gerhardt to discuss the GOP’s recent articles of impeachment filed against President Biden. Gerhardt analyzes the historical context and the glaring lack of credible evidence compared to past impeachments of Nixon, Clinton, and Trump. And he and Rick dissect the political motives and dangerous implications of the weaponization of impeachment, and how Team Biden should respond.
Pre-order Michael's new book "The Law of Presidential Impeachment: A Guide for the Engaged Citizen."

[00:01:23] The scale of this impeachment effort
[00:04:16] When do the hearings begin?
[00:06:01] Connecting the absurdity
[00:09:03] Calling out the lie
[00:10:53] The fishing expedition

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Rick Wilson's The Enemies List
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