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Rick Wilson's The Enemies List

From Right-Wing Insider to Outcast

Rick Wilson's The Enemies List
Rick Wilson's The Enemies List
This week on The Enemies List, Rick is joined by journalist, and national correspondent for Puck, Tina Nguyen to discuss her journey through the right-wing political sphere and her eventual departure from it. Tina discusses her early interest in conservative ideologies, influenced by her upbringing and academic pursuits. The conversation covers her experiences in conservative media and think tanks, leading to her disillusionment with their tactics, particularly during the Trump era. They also touch on Tina's current political perspective and her interactions with media figures like Tucker Carlson, offering insights into the poisonous transformation within modern conservative circles.

[00:01:16] My surreal adventures in the right wing and how I got out
[00:05:30] Producing the big voices on the right
[00:08:13] Altering the climate
[00:14:13] Escaping by being a food blogger
[00:27:40] Tucker Carlson

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Rick Wilson's The Enemies List
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