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by Riël Malan
Riël Malan - Shapers, makers, builders & breakers

#32: Styli Charalambous - CEO & Publisher of The Daily Maverick, Merchant of Truth, Co-Leader of Troublemakers


Riël Malan talks to Styli Charalambous, CEO & publisher of South Africa's leading news organization, The Daily Maverick. The Daily Maverick is credited (among many other things), to have broken the key state capture stories that catalyzed the Zondo Commission of Inquiry and leadership changes underway in South Africa.

Between Styli Charalambous & Branko Brkic, they lead a fearless group of die-hard journalists that bring South Africans the truth on a daily basis, often with little regard for their own safety, keeping politicians and anybody else wanting to misuse their power, in check.


Episode 31

Season 2

by Riël Malan