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by Stephanie Soo & Audioboom
Rotten Mango

#97: The Kindergarten Teacher Killer (Case of Angila Wilder)


First day of Kindergarten is always a nerve-racking time for parents. But when they meet Mrs. W their tensions are probably eased.

She has a soft face with a dirty blonde bob and she’s a mom of three! She seems like the perfect teacher - kind, nurturing, sweet.

But when she’s with the police she’s a totally different person.

“I want to see where it stabbed her.”

“I want to see a video of them having s** with my husband!”

It makes you wonder - how well do we actually know our teachers?

Book Rec: “Wilder Intentions” - by C.J. Wynn (This is the best deep dive on the case and it’s meticulously researched!)

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by Stephanie Soo & Audioboom