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January 2016: Climate special


This month we’re discussing all things climate change, looking back at events in 2015 and forward to how this global threat might be tackled. 2015 was a big year for climate change, with a new agreement being struck by the world’s governments at a summit in Paris just before Christmas.

In this episode of R Science we speak to experts in the run up to the Paris summit; we hear from organisations who were at the summit in Paris and their work in the area; and finally we catch up with some of our top experts in climate at the Royal Society to ask them what they think of the agreement the world’s governments struck in Paris.

01:40 We spoke to Peter Stott from the Met Office Hadley Centre about the basics of climate change and why we should care; to Andy Haines from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine about the links between climate change and health; and to Lorraine Whitmarsh from Cardiff University about our perceptions and behaviour in response to climate change.

11.45 A diverse set of delegates at the conference in Paris tell us about their areas of work and their interests in the UN negotiations.

20.55 Two of our climate experts, Tim Palmer FRS and Joanna Haigh FRS, tell us what they think about the Paris agreement and what it means for the UK.

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by The Royal Society