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May 2016: Matters of the mind


Welcome to the May episode of R.Science. This month we’re featuring scientists who are delving into the most complex structure in the Universe, the human brain. Although mightily complex, recent advances in brain imaging technology and ever-more sophisticated psychological experiments are allowing us to make huge inroads into understanding the collection of neurons in our head.

2.02 Experimental psychologist and Wolfson Research Merit Award holder Professor Stephan Lewandowsky talks about uncertainty in science and how human cognition can give rise to unexpected consequences. Listen to Stephan’s recent Cafe Scientifique Are you sure? Uncertainty and us in full.

6.45 Royal Society University Research Fellow Dr Liz Tunbridge talks about her work in understanding the links between genetics, brain function and mental health. Listen to Liz’s recent Cafe Scientifique Is mental health in our genes? in full.

11.50 Professor Kevin Homewood talks about his commercialisation of a silicon photodetector. Find out more about our new Innovation and Translation Awards.

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by The Royal Society