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by Andrew Cass & Aaron Parkinson
Sales Velocity Radio

Online Lead Generation: Today vs Yesterday


We are so excited for the very first episode of Sales Velocity TV. We are going to be talking…sales! But not the kind of sales you think we’re going to be talking about.

The nucleus of any successful company is sales-driven business owners and entrepreneurs. People seem to think of sales as a dirty little word, but it’s really the cornerstone of any business. Sales is just somebody feeling good about buying into you and your business. It’s creating a synergy between the customer and the company.

We are old school guys that go back to being entrepreneurs in the pre-internet and pre-social media days, but now we’re applying new school philosophies. So we’re really a perfect combination of both!

Back in the day, we used things like door-to-door lead generation, cassette tapes (what are those?!) as learning tools and payphones to reach customers. Things have changed, but the fundamentals are still the same. Today’s technology makes applying these fundamentals easier, allows you to use strategic marketing and helps make your sales process simpler. There is still no “easy button” available when it comes to sales, but we want to teach you how to sell more with less resistance.

Let’s dive into where old school meets new school.


  • How without sales, you do not have a business.
  • The fundamentals and psychology of sales has not changed.
  • The bigger you want to become, the more important scale and automation are.
  • More media doesn’t necessarily make things easier, but we also cannot rely on just one form.
  • Connecting the dots between old and new school is the intersection of where offline meets online. Nothing replaces live interactions; especially when proceeded by strategic marketing.
  • We must go where people “live”. Be willing to let go of biases and automatic rejection so you can test all the places where customers live. You never know where you will find opportunity.
  • Different media requires different messaging.
  • Business owners make the mistake of not treating social media like what it can be; a TV show.
  • Most people need more than one interaction to trust you. You can create quality content to chip away at the natural resistance people have.
  • The path today vs. yesterday to publish and be seen is enormous and so readily available.
  • Most business owners only focus on acquiring new customers and let go of more than 90% of potential customers.
  • Today you must not only add value, but you must be omnipresent and visible to your audience. Social media is the perfect tool to do this. Consistency and repetition are key.


  • “Sell more with less resistance.”
  • “Strategic marketing always proceeds a great selling process because people then come to you preconditioned to buy.”
  • “It’s not tough to sell.”
  • “The most dangerous number in business is 1.”
  • “The best businesses in the world have a counterintuitive element of them; they’re always willing to go where maybe someone isn’t.”
  • “A balanced portfolio wins most of the time.”


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Episode 1

by Andrew Cass & Aaron Parkinson