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by Matthew Adams
Saturday Morning Mental Health and Entertainment

Discussion 01: The Whole Bloody Affair!


Named after the rumored 4+ hour long supercut of both Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2. This is both the "Free Comicbook Day" segment and the "MK 11" segment with no interruption if you have an hour and a half to listen to Matthew and Sebastian discuss comicbooks like: Invincible, Batman Last Knight on Earth, and Batman Rebirth and Video games like: the base game of Mortal Kombat 11, how it compares to the Injustice series, guest characters, future DLC, and who their favorite characters are. Recorded after a long day of work and a cross-town trip to a favorite local comic book store Matthew continues to stumble through words as his ADHD medication has warn off and his excitement levels are off the chart! Record over a month ago and held back because of 2 to 3 week bought of depression, something that will be covered in a future episode. If you mad it this far thanks for reading this. We actually have 2 more episodes record that have yet to surface for the same reason. They will be uploaded soon. I promise! 



by Matthew Adams