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ScressFree Sundays Podcast

Episode 56 - "Al Gore Rhythms"


This week on the "ScressFree Sundays Podcast" We had another exciting show and we had some guest this show. First we had the Bro Luckaleannn in the building with the gang! We also had the homie from Baltimore come thru to talk with us about his brand, "It's All Love". Floyd Money came and gave us some insight on his movements & what exactly he does in the Community to it better. We started there which was our local segment and we talked about how to make some local things better within the city we all are from and live in, Baltimore. After that we got into some of our topics and we had to talk about the Women from the Bronx visiting the Lions at the zoo and ended up in his Den. Next we talked about a Law passed in Oakland that allows the use and possession of all hallucinogenic drugs. After that we got pass a few drug stories and reviews of shrooms and more we went on to talk even crazier stuff with Elon Musk working on building robots with real human A.I. We got into Power some and gave reviews on the last Episode. We saved our hiphop segment for last this show and started with a review of DaBaby's New Album and gave our opinions. Follow @Scressfree @30roundleannn @Its.all.Love



by Brought to you by ScressFree