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ScressFree Sundays Podcast

Episode 57 - "330 Acres"


This Week On the "ScressFree Sundays Podcast" We had a dope Episode and it started off crazy as usual. We started somehow talking about STD's and the rising number of cases in the Country. That came before the local segment but this week we had a positive local segment that lead with the Baltimore Running Man being uplifted by NIKE. They gave him a dope Ad and commercial for a guy who really deserves it. After that were got into Chris Brown and his Club antics. He recently got caught on video doing coke in the club and we tried to figured out how bad that actually was compared to how it looked. Finishing up with Hiphop we talked about Nipsey Hussle's Biography in the works and gave our opinions on the idea of it. Next we got into Jason Weaver and his savvy business moves he made in the past which lead to him getting royalty checks for playing the voice of Simba in the first "Lion King" movie. Tiffany Haddish & Chingy had a bit of a disagreement. We talked some about Tekashi69 getting a new recording deal for 10 Million dollars and he hasn't been released from jail yet. We had to end the show Talking about Tyler Perry's massive Movie film studio FOLLOW @Scressfree



by Brought to you by ScressFree