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ScressFree Sundays Podcast

ScressFree Sundays Podcast: OnTheRun "The Preseason"


On This Episode of the "ScressFree Sundays Podcast" We started the new year "OnTheRun" again and we just wanted to give some updates so we in the Preseason right now. We started the show with some appreciation to the listeners & followers. After that we gave updates about whats to come & what to expect in the future foe the show. We couldn't leave without talking about some important topics that happened while we were on a break but we started with the crazy past few months with the death of a few well known hiphop artist. We gave our condolences and some opinions on the unfortunate situations. We talked some about what we been up too day to day while we been on the break from the show also and again showed some love to the listeners out there! Follow @ScressFree



by Brought to you by ScressFree