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by Stakhanov
Self Care Club: Wellness, road tested

Intuitive Eating


Skinny tea this, Weight Watchers that... Every day, women are assaulted by the constant diet culture messaging propagated by both social and traditional media. This week, Nicole and Lauren press pause on the never-ending diet circus and look within, with intuitive eating. Listen to hear all about their experience dispelling diet culture and instead listening to their bodily queues - and Nicole opens up about her past experience with disordered eating and toxic fitness culture.

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Special thanks to Alissa Rumsey for coming onto the show. To learn more about intuitive eating or to read her book ‘Unapologetic Eating: Make Peace With Food and Transform Your Life’, find her at her website www.alissarumsey.com or @alissarumseyRD on Instagram. Also, thank you to Good Canteen for gifting us both their Golden Hour snack box. To try out the box for themselves, find them @goodcanteen on Instagram or at goodcanteen.co.uk


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by Stakhanov